Public Sculptures of Sussex

Following a successful funding bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund, the University of Brighton was selected to house the PMSA Regional Archive. The two year project (finished in April 2009) undertook a survey of the diverse range of monuments and sculpture in the cities, towns and villages of Sussex. The Project Team comprised Peter Seddon, Jill Seddon, Anthony McIntosh, Project Researcher from the School of Arts and Communication.

Webpage of the project:

Within this project, an on-line database was produced for dissemination of the information. The webpage contains all the collected data, which users can search in a variety of ways. Google maps are used to precisely locate each object and users can see individual objects on a map or all objects located in a particular town or all objects created by a named sculptor / maker. Further development will continue focusing on the inclusion of three-dimensional images and captions explaining the many and varied architectural terms and symbolic motifs that are important when looking at public sculpture and monuments.

Online database:


As part of further development of the database, work has been conducted with the Product Development Centre on the three-dimensional scanning of sculpture and monuments. We are planning a series of exercises using indoor and outdoor objects, exploring the difficulties that might arise in different settings. The team have been working with the National Trust at Petworth House who have been extremely generous with their time and support in allowing us to work with some of their monumental sculptures in the North Gallery. The practical exercises involve the use of two different non-intrusive methods to acquire three-dimensional information of the sculptures: laser scanning and photography. The produced data will be used within the 3D coform project to support the development of software for 3D documentation.