3D services on the Mobile Web: enhancing the business sustainability of the cultural heritage sector

The aim of this project is to investigate sustainable business models and revenue streams across the heritage sector around Europe concerning the digitisation and use of cultural resources, underpinned by Mobile Web and 3D technologies. These models will develop relationships for engaging with cultural resources, especially those which are not always visible to the public, but which nevertheless represent huge potential for economic development, tourism, research and education.
The project was delivered in two stages. The first stage scoped the opportunities and challenges regarding the use of Mobile Web and 3D technologies across European cultural organisations. This study used questionnaires and interviews to produce a reasonable "palette" in terms of products and services, revenue models and importantly the cultural/community acceptability of their deployment. The second stage involved validating the business models by bringing together a more targeted audience of specific organisations and technology providers based on the sampling in Stage 1.
The project was funded by the "Santander Business Research & Collaboration Fund" of the University of Brighton. It started on the 1st of September 2011 and ran for 8 months.

The project organised the workshop on 3D Heritage in the Mobile Web. We are currently writing up the results to be published here soon.